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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hive was active again today. Bees coming and going. Lots of them coming back with pollen. Legs are packed with yellow colored material. Don't know what it is or where they are getting it.


  1. Definitely pollen out there - I am seeing more and more bees coming in with pollen - there are crocus, pansies, etc up in my neck of the woods, and chickweed, and today I saw a few dandelions in the pasture- I am sure there is other stuff too!

  2. My hives have all been active too, Ed. But I don't see my bees bringing anything back to the hive with them.

  3. Maybe it is chickweed. My wife came in with a few blooming pieces the other day to show me.

  4. Lots of pollen... Maple trees and crocuses...

    See the pollen and bloom page on NJBA --->

  5. I posted the link above correctly but it did not become active... is this standard???

    You will have to copy and paste the link... Gary