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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today I went into my hive with the intent of checking on how much food the bees had and whether or not I should consider feeding. Like Cathy in her post below, my deep super was loaded with honey. All the frames were loaded. There didn't seem to be anywhere for brood or to store any of the pollen the bees are bringing back. My impression was the queen and brood was still down in the brood box. They have to be storing all that pollen somewhere. This is my first year also and lack experience. I thought also that the number of bees flying and on the Super frames was reasonable this early in the season. I'm thinking now that I should have went down to the brood box and checked that out to see if there was brood and evidence of laying. I was afraid of disturbing the hive too early.

Hope someone has some ideas and advise

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  1. Yeah, but those are really nice frames of honey, ED