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Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6, 2010

The other day I lifted the top cover of my last remaining hive and bees were up and about on the inside cover. I fed them some raw sugar, putting it on the inside cover. Today I lifted the cover and bees flew out, and when I got the cover high enough to see inside, the inside cover was wallpapered with bees and they sounded like a train coming out of a tunnel!

I am not sure if I did right, but I added another super to the top of the hive with seven frames of honey that I had saved from the hives that had not survived. In the empty space left for the three missing frames, I dropped in fondant , which I had made yesterday - it was my first attempt, and I am not totally sure if what I made is what its supposed to be!

I hope that between feeding fondant,sugar, and the "relief" honey, that these bees will make it.

One of my other hives has starved - I fed it everyday since last spring, and even had been using a top feeder up until the cold weather. Still, it did not have enough stores to get it through the winter. Very frustrating.

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  1. Hi Ken, Sounds as though you are doing everything that you can. So far my 2 hives seem to be doing well. Today I opened up the top cover for the first time and added raw sugar. They started investigating right away... I took photos and some short videos. They are here ---> Gary G. Schempp